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FansProject - Retro-Future - Glacialbots by JP-V
FansProject - Retro-Future - Glacialbots
Drawing 247

FansProject - Retro-Future - Glacialbots
FansProject is a third party Transformers toy company.
Series - Retro-Future
Toys/Characters - Glacialbots/Glacialord
Official history/catalogue -…

Tusker (middle) Mammoth changes to Robot Soldier.
Razorspike (top left) Woolly Rhino changes to Robot Soldier.
Tailclub (bottom left) Doedicurus changes to Robot Solider.
Fangro (bottom right) Saber-toothed Tiger changes to Robot Soldier.
Megazero (top right) Megaceros changes to Robot Soldier.

Glacialbots ready to ride out!
A fan art tribute to these magnificent modern engineered G1 styled Scramble City combiner/gestalt third party Transformer toys! Basically but brilliantly these toys are nods to G1 Transformer combiners that all come with G1 stylized toy packaging, styro foam insert, toys in ice age mammal modes, small robot that becomes the head of the "Robot Soldier" mode, accessories, and instructions. Each toy member has many ideas incorporated in them that make them very unique as a whole. The small robots not only become heads, to me they are seen as a combination of Headmasters and Brainmasters. With their accessories, they also become the parts to form the ice age mammal modes and when in Robot Soldier modes they become the hand melee/gun weapons which also can be interpreted as them being  Targetmasters.All the components that come with the Glacialbots are all used in some shape or form and all integrate apart of the toys so nothing is put aside everything gets used for a purpose even in gestalt mode. The combiner limbs all have the Scramble City ability, meaning they can be put as limbs on a Autobot or a Decepticon gestalt, that's super cool!
All in all this toy set is impressive and in-genius in every way and there is so much play value to them that I can't get enough of. FansProject simply took steps back to retro Transformer toys and used modern day toy engineering combined to create Retro-Future Transformer toys!

My focus was to do a fan art on their ice age mammal modes that I didn't see any content of when researching them except for seeing Tusker's Mammoth mode. I wanted to stay true and accurate as possible to their original toy designs while imagining them in Transformers G1 styled cartoon character designs and took some small liberties to add a bit of my own Touch to the designs/colours!

Thank you so much FansProject for creating these masterpieces! They really live up to the standards of G1 style Scramble City combiners/gestalt toys with awesome packaging, names, art, and bios.

If you're a fan of G1 and Scramble City combiners/gestalts, check out these cool toys on their website or online and they do have other great products too!
Retro-Future - Glacialbots (c) FansProject
Robo-Synergy - World of Synergos by JP-V
Robo-Synergy - World of Synergos
Drawing 246

The complete comic cover coloured version of my project Robo-Synergy titled World of Synergos!

It is a fun process drawing and colouring the first comic cover of Robo-Synergy. As you can see the 2 leaders are ready to face each other in the first story phase that will introduce the world where these characters will feature in!

Project & Designs - John Valmeo
Barrel Painting 2 - Peacock - Phoenix - Blue Bird by JP-V
Barrel Painting 2 - Peacock - Phoenix - Blue Bird
Painting 2!

Left side painting of barrel - Peacock
Middle side painting of barrel - Phoenix
Right side painting of barrel - Blue Bird
Medium: Acrylic Paint

This was my second barrel painting to help paint on a spray painted barrel that will feauture in a festival. I had more freedom with this one as I went to go with doing some birds, my favourites!

Barrel Painting - Optimus Prime and Lion Robot by JP-V
Barrel Painting - Optimus Prime and Lion Robot
Painting 1!

Left side painting of barrel - Optimus Prime basketball finger spinning.
Right side painting of barrel - Lion Robot
Medium: Acrylic Paint

This was to help paint on a spray painted barrel that will feauture in a festival. I haven't used acrylic paint in a long time, its not my specialty or my favourite medium but I just had fun with it!

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To all my friends,

I'd like to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year for 2015!

Thank you very much always for all your kind comments, faves, watchers, and continued support!

All the very best and blessings for a New Year!

Kind and best regards,


Current Residence: Australia
Favourite style of art: Japanese
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime (Transformers G1) Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

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scienceandsorcery Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Always cool to meet other transformers fans! 
Big fan of the combiner teams!
JP-V Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yes indeed, they're my favourite type of Transformers!
See you around.
MCsaurus Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015

I really like your art of robots you draw.

Do you think to draw five robotic dinosaurs or robotic whales combined a mighty robot sometimes?
JP-V Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
Hello MCsaurus, firstly thank you very kindly for all the comments and faves, I really appreciate your feedback!

Yes I plan to do 5 Transformer robot dinosaurs. As for whales, I do have a few ideas to do a Sea team in the future but nothing solid right now.

I saw your gallery, its really good and its great to meet another person who likes to draw!
MCsaurus Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
Your welcome.


Dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus, Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Pteranodon?
Whales like Orca, Dolphin, Blue Whale, Beluga Whale and Narwhal?

JP-V Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
Hmmm won't reveal too much but it will definitely be dinosaurs we're all familiar with!

As mentioned, still have only ideas and not sure what I'll do but those are great Sea choices indeed!
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mdrmoreau Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015
just watching here, yaaaay! :3
JP-V Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015
Hello mdrmoreau!
Happy New Year!
Thank you so very kindly for the watch, I really appreciate it!!! It's been a long time since I've seen you but I still remember you and love your artwork! Watching you back!
I wish you all the best this year and will continue to support you!
hellbat Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
Thanks for the faves JP.  Happy New Year!
JP-V Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
My pleasure Nav, wish you too a Happy New Year!
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